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The number one reason why people turn down job offers is because they are offered another. 26% of candidates say they left the hiring process because it “took too long”. In the competitive market, first-to-offer has the first pick of talent. If you move slowly, you don’t just lose the best candidates – you also lose revenue.

Evaluation that works

Surface the qualities that matter

Interview flexibility

Their timing, on their device

Better job fit

Better fit, longer stay

First to talent

Secure top candidates quicker

Summary Dashboard

  • Gain powerful insights at a glance. Our Summary Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your key metrics, allowing you to quickly assess performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions. Uncover the hidden patterns in your data, and unleash the potential of your organization like never before.

Job Fit Dashboard

  • Unlock the perfect fit for your key roles. Our Job Fit Dashboard leverages advanced algorithms to analyze candidate profiles and match them with job requirements. Discover the candidates who possess the skills, experience, and traits that align perfectly with your organization’s needs. Make confident hiring decisions and build high-performing teams that drive success.

Team View Dashboard

  • Visualize collaboration like never before. Our Team View Dashboard provides a holistic perspective on team dynamics, enabling you to see the traits of each individual and see how they can contribute to the organization through their personality and competencies. Unleash the true potential of your teams to ignite collective success.
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