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The extent that an instrument has same results over multiple trials


The extent to which a tool measures what it’s supposed to measure


Does not exclude any groups of people, equal access to the assessment opportunity

Development of model

  • Based on research into the existing body of knowledge. 
  • Utilising insights from existing psychometrics including the Big5 model of personality
  • Creation of an innovative new model based on the latest findings 

Validation of model

  • Distribution of survey questionnaires
  • Results statistically analyzed through SPSS
  • Items iteratively developed to improve statistical results

Game-based questions

  • A tailored questionnaire containing narrative questions within our gamification framework.
  • Identifying the relationship between game-based questions and traditional questions through further analysis
  • Resulting in a questionnaire that blends seamlessly into our gamification narrative while retaining the validity of our core model
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